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DrupalCamp North 2015

17th July, 2015

This year we've supported several Drupal community meet ups in the UK. We're also sponsoring the first DrupalCamp North.

As a Drupal-specialist agency, we like to give back to the amazing open source community in any way we can. This is one of many good reasons we had to sponsor the first 'DrupalCamp North'. It starts next week with a free Drupal 8 sprint and business day, and then covering the weekend 25th July with some fantastic live sessions.

An event at Sunderland software centre, the venue for DrupalCamp North 2015

We went down to DrupalCamp London earlier this year and were also up at Sunderland's Drupal Camp North East last year (which our MD Peter McClory wrote up in his recap of their business day). We also organised the first DrupalCamp Yorkshire last year.

DrupalCamp Yorkshire 2014 background badge

We believe that by sponsoring and supporting these community events, we help the Drupal community to cross-pollinate knowledge and share enthusiasm. It is not just back-end and front-end development innovations and techniques, but also management, strategy and user experience design.

Some of the attendees at DrupalCamp North East 2014

Our team has made a ton of talented Drupal-minded friends and forged stronger business relationships as a direct result of our support and attendance at Drupal meetups, DrupalCamps and DrupalCons.

Reasons to attend DrupalCamp North

  • An amazing programme starting with the free Drupal Sprint on Wednesday 22nd July;
  • Live talks from very experienced and influential speakers;
  • Build relationships with potential future employers;
  • Contribute! Support! Our community is the lifeblood of the Drupal Project;
  • A genuine Red Arrows fly-over :D

Red arrows flyover image red blue white smoke drupalcamp

More reasons!

  • Insights into discussions that are happening with the community regarding Drupal 8, 9 and dare we say 10;
  • Learn a lot, and have a good time doing it with a range of people that you would never meet otherwise;
  • Over 27 sessions that are free to attend once you have your weekend pass;
  • Put a face to people that help out on Drupal's IRC and forums;
  • Top secret stuff that you will only find out if you attend ;)

Book your tickets

There are still a few tickets left for the first ever DrupalCamp North. Take this opportunity to attend, and you will be glad you did!

Compass logo for DrupalCamp North 2015

DrupalCamp North is the brainchild of several Drupal user groups from Yorkshire, the North-East and the North-West. There will be another one next year, possibly in Leeds. Keep an eye on the @DrupalCampNorth Twitter account for more information.

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