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Our love affair with Drupal

14th February, 2014

For Valentine’s Day we compiled our top reasons for why we love Drupal so much!

Drupal likes to share

Drupal is an open source software, meaning anybody can contribute to creating new versions and updates, or contribute their own modules and features. Drupal development is highly social, with a large online community swapping and sharing features and information.

Love the Droplet - hooray for Drupal!

No two days are the same… but Drupal is always there for us if we've had a bad day

Because it is open source, Drupal is constantly evolving, growing and becoming a more useful platform for both users and developers. New features and functionality are added regularly, keeping us on our toes and involved in the Drupal community. Support is also available where we need it on the forum, with thousands of registered developers ready and willing to help improve the service.

Hey… Good lookin'!

Drupal is highly customisable at it’s front-end, allowing us to theme sites beautifully with UX at the heart of the design. It also supports responsive design, as well as having seamless integration with jQuery and jQuery UI and countless JavaScript modules to add those finishing touches to your website. Drupal also aims to ensure that the web is accessible to those with disabilities as part of its key aims, and includes a special Accessibility Maintainter in Drupal core.

It understands our hopes and dreams

Whatever news you want to share, content organisation is at the heart of Drupal’s functionality with many tools to help webmasters develop and organise their content. Drupal is a great platform for expressing ourselves on the web, whether its’ through a custom-built blog, integrated social media stream or discussion forum, there are a range of features that make it ideal for sharing ideas and messages.

Drupal doesn't tie us down… but still keeps us safe

Drupal sites can easily be moved, from servers or agencies - the fact that it is open source with a community of over 20,000 registered developers means there is constant support for clients if they choose to move agencies or hosting providers. Drupal is also highly secure and can withstand attacks such as SQL injections and cross-site scripting.

Drupal thinks about the future

In a world where a new device is released almost every month, Drupal manages to stay forward-thinking, with tight integration with the latest technology such as SASS and HTML5. The community are always evolving new ideas and modules in order to keep up with today’s fast-advancing world of technology.

Pete McClory
Managing Director

Pete is the MD at Curve, helping with creative direction, business development and strategy. Also find him on , Twitter, and LinkedIn.