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From Panoetic to Curve Agency

12th December, 2012

Here we recount the birth of Curve Agency, as we celebrate it's first anniversary.

Between 2002 and 2008, I had been working as a freelancer on an assortment of projects ranging from video editing to illustration work, but mostly designing and building small websites. Once I started winning larger contracts for website design work faster than I could complete them on my own, I knew it was time to set up a company (McClory Media) in order to employ some staff to help with the work. This company became Panoetic, based in Bradford. Shortly after this we had grown to a small team of five, and had a concise vision: Focus on Drupal as a framework for developing products for clients. We had a small office inside a beautiful character property in Bradford (Gumption Centre), opposite the National Media Museum.

panoetic drupal bradford gumption centre curve agency

Time for a change

After three good years running this organisation, I had a shift of focus to concentrate more on the end user experience throughout the project. I sold my half of the previous organisation to another shareholder and set up Curve Agency in Leeds city centre. All the staff decided to come with me, along with most of the clients. That was a year ago, and what a successful year it has been!

curve agency drupal leeds panoetic

We've all found it challenging, moving operations to a new city, but we have also relished that! Here we are with a bigger team, bigger office, and some great projects behind us, in progress, and planned in for next year. Everyone on the team has really developed over this year, growing in experience, expertise and confidence.

From the beginning of the year we’ve been really busy working with Cambridge University, QMJ Publishing, Bradford University and many other long term clients which we brought over from Bradford-based Panoetic. The team has pulled out all the stops in order to produce some really high quality responsive Drupal websites. We’ve taken on some significant new projects and developed new long term relationships with clients such as Nationwide Accident Repair Services plc.

I’m proud of the team, and it feels like now everyone can play at the top of their game. This coming year is going to be a real blast :)

Happy birthday to us, and merry Christmas to everyone!

Pete McClory
Managing Director

Pete is the MD at Curve, helping with creative direction, business development and strategy. Also find him on , Twitter, and LinkedIn.