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Brief recap on digital project management UK 2014 conference

30th January, 2014

Recap on our Curve day trip to the Digital Project Management UK 2014 conference in Manchester. An excellent series of sessions with a tasty lunch!

After coffee and mingling, the day started with Brett Harned from Happy Cog telling us how to be less robot. His talk was delightful and rich in Lobster font featuring hand drawn robots, and excellent nuggets of advice including “We’re not saving lives (unless you’re building a hospital website)”, and to always “bring pizza”.

Digital Project Management UK 2014 - Panel Discussion

Pizza was a recurring theme with the next speaker, Sam Barnes of Global Personals, jazzing up the classic “iron triangle” of cost, scope and time with a pizza slice for quality. Sam talked about his experiences as a client, and gave solid advice for dealing with “megabeasts” (the more troublesome clients), writing proposals and surviving the pitch process. He also told us about his cat, Spider-pig, and sprinkled his talk with increasingly appropriate reaction gifs. Five stars.

After more coffee, we enjoyed an hour of Q&A with some well versed digital project managers - Helen Holmes of Code ComputerLove; Lisa Vigar from BBC and Ian May from Creative Jar. With the help of the enigmatic Paul Boag, we probed Lisa, Helen and Ian with a range of questions from using agile to whether there was such a thing as natural-born project managers.

The rest of the day saw Suze from Numiko accurately (and with hilarious pictures) comparing running projects to running marathons, followed by Ian Fenn’s (slideless!) talk on UX polar bears, and Paul Boag energising everyone on on digital adaptation.

Second to the talks, the sense of community and atmosphere was excellent. We met people much like ourselves, working in smaller agencies, but also from large corporate organisations. It is a mean feat that the organisers of the DMPUK conference were able to winch so many project managers away from their desks for an entire day(!) However, they delivered, and I'm sure it wasn't just for the super tasty pizza's!

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